• ASAP provides endless opportunities to make the world a better place through education, innovation and a holistic approach to sustainability.

  • ASAP’s holistic approach to sustainability includes regenerative, resilient and healthy buildings that provide Families and Cities with the resources they need to live and work in safe and sustainable environments.

  • ASAP encourages the protection, conservation and preservation of our natural resources so that future generations will be able to thrive.

  • ASAP operates from the belief that true sustainability includes Life/Work balance. Though work is our passion and our passion is our work; we value the peace and well-being that a balanced life provides.

  • ASAP believes in Integrity, Honesty and Authenticity; while being an unstoppable advocate for social justice.

  • ASAP realizes that it is our individual and collective responsibility to Give Back and to be our Brother’s Keeper. This includes taking responsibility for protecting the environment, people, animals, nature and all living things.

Meet the Team



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Consulting Principal

President and CEO


Senior Project Manager


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  • Sustainable and Regenerative Design
    and Construction Consulting

  • LEED Certification 

  • WELL Certification

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Eco-Branding, PR, and Marketing

  • Public Speaking

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